PIAA (peer) HID all-in-one kit [fog star 6000K]

20,580 B

TOYOTA cars, H16 (19W) that is being genuine attached to SUBARU car, PSX24W (24W) type valve.
It can not be satisfied with the brightness of genuine fog lamp. To you to find the additional brightness.
By incorporating a H.I.D to high heat resistance lamp, in mounting style of genuine fog lamp just like, to assist to ensure the overwhelming brightness of nighttime drive of H.I.D..
※ Limited to genuine fog lamp equipped car.

● contents of goods details
(1) FOGSTAR (heat lamp)
(2) ALSTARE H11 HID bulb (left and right)
(3) 35W ultra-light ballast (controller, igniter)
(4) relay harness
(5) Other (general-purpose stay, bolt, nut)
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